Thinking Forward

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Standing for Students, Parents, Educators and Administrators working together to realize the highest potential in our schools and the brightest future for our community.



The mission is to encourage students, parents and educators to think forward together, to create a sustained culture of respect, responsibility and reward throughout our schools and community.

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Thinking forward means we acknowledge the sentimental traditions and critical lessons of our past, while understanding that our future begins in the present. This idea develops into the series of growth opportunities which help us achieve shared goals. When we use such motives to inspire ourselves and others, our future becomes increasingly brighter and our potential is limitless.


  1. Ensure all district facilities are secure and safe environments for students. Maintain a judicious corrective action plan and a highly effective discipline policy that neither exaggerates nor minimizes behavioral challenges.

  2. Work with business leaders to define and equip students with necessary skills for the future workforce.

  3. Provide parents with assistance and information regarding learning and teaching methods. Give them a strong voice in the education process.

  4. Support educators with the tools they need. Recruit and retain highly capable professionals. Guarantee transparency in practice, policy and oversight.

  5. Promote continued improvement of testing, instruction and assessment across all grade levels.

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How You Can Help

You may join this effort to promote a culture of advanced learning in many positive ways. The greatest assistance comes in the form of simply telling your SMSD friends and neighbors about Fabian Shepard and the Thinking Forward commitment. We need like minded citizens to help spread the message that our community will hold its Board of Education accountable, while supporting educational professionals and encouraging and assisting parents and students. Please send us an email through the contact page or contribute your gracious financial gift on the donate page.